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Directorate of Community and Family Activities

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Army Community Services Division

  • Operates the depot’s Army Community Services programs according to AR 608-1, AR 608-18, AR 608-75, and other regulations and directives.
  • Develop, coordinate and deliver services to all active duty, U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard Service members on active duty exceeding 30 days, DA civilians, retirees and Family members eligible to use the services
  • Operates an Army Emergency Relief (AER) program that offers emergency financial assistance to all Army personnel, active and retired, and their Family members with food, rent, essential travel and care repairs, utilities, medical bills, funeral expenses and essential needs in the event that pay is lost or not received.
  • Operates an Army Family Team Building (AFTB) program to provide a training program designed to enhance overall readiness by preparing all Army personnel, including Family members, to function at the highest possible level with minimal outside support.
  • Operates an Employment Readiness Program (ERP), to maximize opportunities for initial and continued employment in both public and private sectors for Family members and assist Family members (including youth) and retirees in overcoming obstacles to career stability caused by relocation.
  • Operates an Exceptional Family Members Program (EFMP). to provides medical, educational, advocacy and supportive services to those Family members who have either a medical, psychological or educational-related special need. Enrollment in this program is mandatory and governed by public law and Department of Defense mandates.
  • Operates the installations Army’s Family Advocacy Program (FAP) to identify, educate and prevent problems related to Family abuse (Child and Spouse abuse). Promote and support the foundations of Family well-being for Soldiers and Family members.
  • Operates and manages the installation’s Financial Readiness Program (FRP) to provide comprehensive financial counseling to Army and Civilian personnel and their Families. Handles serious and complex financial cases, and issues requiring intensive coordination with appropriate civilian and military agencies. Negotiates with business and financial institutions to obtain reduced or deferred payments, rescheduled payments plans and refinanced loans. Conducts mandatory personal and financial readiness throughout the installation.
  • Operates an Information, Referral & Follow-up Program to link active duty personnel, retirees, civilians and Family members with other military and civilian helping agencies by providing accurate and comprehensive information about these helping organizations.
  • Operates an Installation Volunteer Program (IVP) provides assistance in the recruitment, training and recognition of installation volunteers and maintains a job bank of volunteer positions available on the installation.
  • Operates the installation’s Mobilization and Deployment Program to provide a comprehensive Family assistance system to support units, Soldiers and Families in preparing for pre-deployment, deployment and post-deployment.
  • Operates the installation’s Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) to provide assistance to individuals and Families in transition by maintaining current information on installations worldwide and operating a lending closet for temporary use of basic household items.
  • Manages the Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) by executing key program components (issue solicitation, demographic representation, conference planning and implementation to include AFAP process and issue development training, issue management, issue review and approval steering committee process, informational feedback to the community, and marketing). Plans, programs, justifies and manages resources necessary to support program components. Maintains resource library and historic records and provides reports and information to higher headquarters as requested.
  • Operates an Outreach Program to supplement ACS based services with outreach to Families who have the greatest need but are least to seek out and take advantage of services until they have reached a state of crisis. Deliver services to populations such geographically or socially isolated Families identified as needing specific outreach services, first-term Soldiers and Families, geographically separated Families, newly arrived Soldiers and Families in the community, single parent Families, and other Soldiers and Families identified by a needs assessment. Select service delivery methods based on effectiveness for the installation.

Recycling Division

  • Performs duties associates with the recycling of paper, cardboard, metal and other items of a recyclable nature.
  • Insures wood, pallets and other recyclables of a non-toxic nature are properly processed to sell at highest dollar.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division

The mission of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division is to manage and direct business and operational aspects of the Installation Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fund (IMWRF) and other community and Family activity programs.
  • Serves as the IMWRF Business Manager.
  • Manages Community and Family Activity manpower resources (appropriated funds {APF} and non-appropriated funds {NAF}).
  • Manages appropriated funds and non-appropriated funds; prepares, updates and administers budget for both funds.
  • Manages the personnel, financial and purchasing services for the NAF portion of the Recycling Program.
  • Manages the NAF fixed assets for the Recycling Program (machinery, vehicles and other major items).
  • Provides management oversight of the Civilian Welfare Funds (CWF).
  • Directs and manages MWR programs.
  • Provides management oversight of private associations.
  • Operates and manages all supervised MWR activities on the installation to include the Skills Development Center, Community Club, Community Activities Center, Physical Fitness Center and Gymnasium, Fit to Win Program, rental equipment and Information, Tour and Registration.
  • Develops budgets and revisions for each subordinate program/activity and maintain review of budget execution to include the Annual Operating Budget, Capital Purchase Minor Construction, Appropriated/Non-appropriated Fund Synchronization Budget, IMWRF Cash Budget and Internal Operating Budget.
  • Maintains internal controls for MWR programs.

Post Restaurant

  • Operates and manages physical plants and mobile truck units for the production, delivery and service of food and beverage products at the installation.
  • Supervises operation and management of soft drink vending machines.
  • Provides catering and services for Command/Official Business functions and other special events that require food and beverage products.
  • Monitors and reports on Randolph-Sheppard Program activities at the installation, acting as liaison between installation and MACOM.

Army Substance Abuse Program

The goal of Army Substance Abuse Program is to manage the Substance Abuse Program (SAP), the Biochemical Testing Program, and the Installation Community Counseling Service.
  • Operates the depot Substance Abuse Program according to the guidelines of AR 600-85 and other applicable regulations and directives.
  • Provides appropriate identification, evaluation, consultation and rehabilitation services for personnel with alcohol problems or problems with other drugs.
  • Provides necessary preventive education to all depot military and civilian personnel and Families, units and all personnel supported by the depot. This includes education needs identified by consultation or evaluation.
  • Provides support for the community in Drug Demand Reduction issues.
  • Operates the Installation Community Counseling Service (Employee Assistance Program) as a resource to management, employees and Family members of military and civilian personnel who have problems with alcohol or other drugs. Included is the provision of evaluation, limited treatment and referral service for those who have other behavioral or medical problems to include retired eligible personnel.
  • Coordinates the command biochemical test program.
  • Performs periodic surveys of the depot and Command climate as it relates to alcohol and drug abuse; and the planning, institution, evaluation and necessary modification of a depot program developed, in consultation with depot command and staff, to overcome problems noted.
  • Coordinates the Alcohol and Drug Intervention Council.
  • Counsels and/or refers personnel to appropriate source for pastoral counseling.
  • Maintains funds for special needs personnel.
  • Facilitates/coordinates programs such as Ministry Task Force and Christmas Cheer Programs; maintains religious literature racks.
  • Verifies need of individuals applying for leave through the Leave Transfer Program and publishes approval to the depot workforce.

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